Band saw safety rules

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What is a band saw?

band saw rule

Band saw is probably the most useful tool when it comes to cutting the precise work pieces. It uses a circular blade riding on two flywheels to cut a variety of materials. Band saw is designed mainly for woodworking and metalworking. It allows woodworkers to cut steel piles, steel plates, round hollow iron tubes or dense blocks, etc.

There are two main types of band saw in the market: Vertical band saw and horizontal band saw.

Vertical band saw is often used in the food and woodworking industry. It is only designed to cut light materials because it has a still saw bow.

Horizontal band saw is capable of cutting heavier and bigger materials than vertical one. That is why it is built mainly for the metalworking industry. This type of band saw is very popular with different designs depending on the specific need and applications of the work.

Safety in using band saw is something that workers need to consider if they want to avoid labor accidents and equipment damage. Improper use or tampering of safety equipment will reduce productivity and no matter what happens, the responsibility is on the workers. Hence, it is necessary understand the safety rules when using a band saw.

Safety advice for the workers

Each type of band saw has protection tools, but band saw operators should need to know to protect themselves by strictly follow the mandatory provisions mentioned below:

  • Check the voltage and power source in accordance to the requirement of the engine. Check the power supply and the ground wire system. Connect the power cable of band saw to the socket and the ground.
  • Only the blade section used for cutting is not protected, the rest all need to be protected. Remember not to use the machine without shields.
  • Always disconnect the machine from the power socket before changing blades or perform any maintenance work, even when the machine still works normally.
  • Always wear appropriate eye protection. Never put your hand or your arm in the cutting section while the machine is operating.
  • Do not change the parameters of the machine while it is cutting (only speed change is allowed). Do not wear cumbersome attire such as shirts with too long sleeves, too big gloves, bracelets, necklaces or any other objects which could be stuck in the machine during operation. Tie your hair or cover it up while operating the band saw.
  • Keep your work area neat and tidy. Non-relevant equipment should be kept away from the band saw. Keep your band saw and equipment out of the reach of children.
  • Perform only one activity at a time. Never hold more than one instrument or object in your hands at once. Keep your hands as clean as possible. All the maintenance or repairing work must be done in a well-lit area or where there is enough light from an external source to avoid the risk of accidents.
  • Put a warning sign in your work area in case someone can hurt themselves by touching the machine. Replace a new one if it the current is obscured or removed.
  • Keep your hands and other parts of your body away from the band saw when the saw blade is running. Do not open the blade while the machine is running. Do not store flammable materials near or around the machine.

Remember to protect not only the machine but also yourself anywhere anytime. Safety measures when using a band saw is seen as an indispensable element which cannot be ignored during the operation process

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