How to choose a good baby swing?

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Most parents need time to take a break and get housework done without having to keep an eye on their children all the time.

A good device most parents use to keep them occupied time is baby swing. It’s useful when you want to wash the dishes or take out the trash because you don’t need to bring your baby with you.

What to look for when choosing a good baby swing?

Type: There are many types of baby swings from basic, no-frills models to fully loaded entertainment centers. You can choose big, small or portable types, depending on your house space and mobility demand.

Batteries or cord? Many baby swing use batteries to operate their motors. However, you will spend a lot of batteries until you find a model with a plug-in option. The motor often emits humming noise that soothes your baby but disturbs others.

Safety harness: A five-point harness swing is safer than three-point one. While a three-point harness swing helps prevent your baby from slipping out of the swing seat, a five-point one including over-the-shoulder straps helps keep your baby stay still in baby swing.

Speed and motion: Baby swings often move back and forth while some cradle versions offer side-to-side rocking motion. Baby swings offer up to eight speeds.

Sturdiness: You should choose a wide and sturdy frame swing. It is also low to the ground so when your baby leans to one side, it won’t tip over. Besides, it can be fold and disassembled easily for storage and traveling.

Safety standards: You should choose a good quality product made by reputable manufacturers.

Easy to clean: Your baby swing is easy to get drool, spit-up and diaper overflow when your baby are few months old. Therefore, you should look for a baby swing with removable cover so you easily clean it.

Comfort: Any baby swing you buy, you should make sure that the seat cushion is nicely paddled.

Price: Wind-up baby swings are often cheaper than battery-powered versions. If you buy a battery-powered swing, you should consider a model that includes a rechargeable battery to save money in the long run.

Extra accessories: Tray, toy bar, mobile and light display and music are interesting accessories for a baby swing because your baby really like colorful things and comfort sounds.

Important safe notes:

Firstly, you should make sure that your baby swing is assembled properly and won’t tip over.  You remember to keep an eye on your baby in the baby swing and keep the safety harness buckled.

Secondly, you check toys and small part of your baby swing be connected securely and safely because your baby might get anything in his mouth.

Last but not least, you need to check the product recall page to make sure your product you’re considering hasn’t been recalled. Besides, you need to look for a certification seal to make sure your model is a safety standard product.

Where to buy a good baby swing?

You shouldn’t buy a used baby swing. An older baby swing might out your baby at risk because they have an inadequate restraint system, broken or worn-out parts or other issues. You can buy a baby swing with a better price by online shopping or a retail store.


You need to know your little baby before making an investment in baby swing. This is surely a good investment for your baby because your baby enjoys the rhythm of baby swing while you can see them comforted and safe. The above considerations will help you choose a right baby swing for your family and make an easier decision.

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