How to Clean a Swimming Pool the Right Way

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Let’s all agree. Cleaning a swimming pool is not the most intuitive thing to do. I mean, how do you go about cleaning what is essentially a body of “CLEAN” water in a hole in the ground? No wonder many homeowners let their pools go, so to speak. And, before you know it, the swimming pool is too unsanitary such that dipping your toe, let alone jump in headlong for a swim, is too hazardous.

Cleaning your Swimming Pool: Does it Have to be Difficult or Expensive?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that cleaning a swimming pool is not only a thankless task but one that is unnecessarily difficult. They also consider the equipment needed to do the job right as too expensive. However, as we shall son establish, these beliefs are often based on myths and misconceptions. You can clean your swimming pool like a pro without breaking the bank or spending the whole weekend engaged in the task. Indeed, cleaning your pool right, inexpensively and safely all boils down to whether you use the right equipment, materials and consumables.
The Best Equipment for Cleaning a Swimming Pool

If you are to clean your swimming pool the right way, you need to have the right equipment as well as supplies. These are some of the equipment we consider as the most ideal choices for someone looking to clean a swimming pool the right way and affordably as well.
1. Telescoping pole
2. Skimmer nets
3. Leaf traps
4. Vacuuming hose
5. Robotic pool cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner is actually so versatile that it can be automated to do virtually all your pool cleaning tasks. It is by far the best pool cleaner for an inground pool. It provides you with a completely hands off means of keeping your swimming pool spotless. But it is not enough to just have any robotic pool cleaner. You need to check out its features and specifications before deciding if it is good enough to use on your swimming pool.

What is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner?

There is no particular brand of robotic swimming cleaners which is capable of meeting all the needs of all swimming pool owners. As such, selecting the best equipment to clean your underground pool will depend on how a particular cleaner meets your needs and requirements.

Here are qualities we consider in a capable robotic pool cleaner:

1. Lightweight Construction and Maneuverable Design

It is imperative that your ideal robotic pool cleaner is easily maneuverable and efficient in power consumption. For this to be the case, the cleaner should be of a lightweight construction. It is not as much a matter of size as the weight of the device. Unwieldy pool cleaners prove difficult to maneuver at the bottom of the pool and will usually get stuck midway through cleaning the floor of an inground pool. Just as well, it pays to keep in mind that the cleaner will have to navigate over slippery sections and even physical obstacles. To do all these without mishaps, the best robotic pool cleaner for inground swimming pools are fitted with four-wheel drive wheels. The best robotic cleaners in the business are also designed to automatically climb up steps while cleaning all the dirt and debris.

2. Durable, Effective Brushes

Keeping in mind that a robotic pool cleaner will have to perform the task of cleaning without manual operation, the cleaning brushes should be designed for failsafe operation. They should be of good enough quality. What is more, they should be optimized to perform cleaning all manner of debris with as few passes as possible.
3. Programmable Operation
To add to the utility value of your robotic cleaner, it should be possible to program it for automatic operation. The programmable functionality of the equipment lets you customize the cleaning operation to best clean your pool in the least time possible and when it is most convenient for you. This also means it is not possible to get the pool dirty just because you forgot to do the weekly cleaning the previous Saturday.

4. Foolproof Sensors and Deflectors

During cleaning, your pool cleaner is certain to run into walls and corners. If it is to maneuver around such effectively and ensure optimal cleaning of every nook and cranny in your inground pool, it is imperative that it is fitted with quality and effective sensors and deflectors.

5. Swivel Cord

It is perhaps rather unfortunate that for a robotic pool cleaner to be effective, it has to be powered by corded electricity. Current technology does not offer battery packs which are either lightweight or affordable enough to be used with a robotic pool cleaner. To ensure that your cleaner does not get all tangled up around obstacles, make sure it is fitted with a swivel power cord.

Bottom Line

Your quest for an effective and affordable method as well as equipment to clean your swimming pool is now at an end. By following our recommendations and tips, you will be able to identify the best pool cleaner for an inground pool, ideally one that is robotic in operation. It will make your pool all the more sanitary and ready for you to take a dive at any time you need a refreshing swim.

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